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Angled Tray Kit for Liquid MVS45XIIAngled Tray Kit for Liquid MVS45XII
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Angled Tray Kit Liquid MVS45XII

Item #: 611-KR45PBL2 | Manufacturer: Minipack
Price: $293.00

Angled Tray Kit for Liquids MVS45XII
Vacuum sealing water, juice, soup, wine, marinates, or other liquids is a challenge that very often generate frustrations. This special kit makes vacuum packing liquids extremely easy.

The kit includes a stainless steel angled tray that keeps the liquids upright at a slight angle. While this may seem simple, it works remarkably well. It also includes volume plates that were developed to fit inside the chamber that are cut to fit next to the angled tray. These volume plates can be added or removed, depending on the size of the bag being packaged. These same volume plates help provide additional support for the bag being sealed.

This model is special for vacuum sealers MVS45XII