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Fusion Chef by Julabo DiamondFusion Chef by Julabo Diamond
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Fusion Chef Diamond Sous Vide Circulator by Julabo 120V

Item #: 401-9FT2000 | Manufacturer: Julabo
Price: $2,149.00

Fusion Chef Diamond Thermal Circulator By Julabo
Fusion Chef Diamond has all the features of the Pearl Thermal Circulator plus additional innovative functions such as pre-programmed memory keys for meat, fish, and vegetables, as well as straightforward HACCP data logging and calibration functions.
When used in conjunction with the Core Temperature Sensor, Diamond emits an alarm to indicate that the selected core temperature has been reached. The Easy Fusion Chef software gives you the ability to control, visualize, and log HACCP-relevant data for up to 24 Diamond units simultaneously.
The timers can be started separately from each other so you can always stay in control, even during hectic situations. The timer that will expire next is shown continuously. A visual and acoustic signal informs the chef when the desired time has passed. The timer then goes into the minus range so you always know the total time that the food has been cooking.

Diamond Series Features:
• Easily mounts on any water bath up to 15.3 gallons (58 liters ~ 61 quarts)
• Immersion depth of 6.5 inches
• High-capacity pump circulates 3.7 gallons/minute
• Three separate timers (fish, meat, vegetables) and 15 customizable pre-set temperature memory keys
• Simple to set up, stows quickly, and is easily transportable for mobile uses
• Bright VFD display & splash-proof keypad on hygienic smudge-proof stainless steel hood
• Durable, stainless steel housing & clamp
• Sealed electronics protect power board, electronics board and key pad against water vapor
• Low-level water alarm protects DIAMOND life
• Core temperature alarm (acoustic and visual)
• Straightforward HACCP-compliant data storage
Fusionchef software lets you control, visualize and log HACCP-relevant data for 24 Diamond units at once
• Simultaneous display of target and actual temperatures, core temperature and timer
• Guided-user auto calibration
• PC control and recording
• Stainless steel protection grip
• Easy to install and clean
• Temperature displayed in °C or °F
• Made in Germany
• Warranty: 2 years parts and labor

Available in 120V and 220V

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